Viva New Wastelands

Convert Viva New Vegas to Tale of Two Wastelands


  1. A completely followed through Viva New Vegas guide.

This guide will assume you’ve gone through the entirety of the Viva New Vegas guide manually or with the Wabbajack. This includes the Extended section of mods.

  1. Tale of Two Wastelands mod files.

Download the installer for Tale of Two Wastelands and follow the steps in the following guide:

  1. The Best of Times

Follow through the guide up until Essential Mods, everything mod-related will be covered here.

Converting the modlist - Utilities

Converting the modlist - Bug Fixes

Converting the modlist - Gameplay

Converting the modlist - Overhauls

Optional mods - Overhauls

Converting the modlist - Content

Converting the modlist - Visuals

VNW Finish

All profile files are here, and are free to download.